Albuquerque Homicide Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been implicated in a homicide case, you need to appoint legal counsel as soon as possible. Homicide charges are the most serious cases heard in our judicial system, for which a conviction could result in spending life in prison or even capital punishment.

The Albuquerque Criminal Attorney is an experienced violent crime attorney specializing in homicide cases.  Our legal team understands that if you and your family are facing this situation, you are undoubtedly very scared right now.  The Albuquerque Criminal Attorney will answer all of your questions and keep you updated about your case at all times, as our office believes that strong client communication is a key aspect in successfully defending a case.

Homicide charges are often misunderstood as murder charges.  A murder charge is always a homicide charge, however the opposite is not always true.

Murder charges are filed when there is evidence present that the accused intended to kill the victim and planned to do so in some capacity prior to the incident.  You can be charged with a homicide charge for neglectfully killing someone, without the specific intent to do so.

For example, DUI offenders that kill someone in a car accident will more than likely be charged with vehicular manslaughter.  This homicide charge is less sever than being convicted of say, first-degree murder, which means that the accused planned to kill the victim.

Here at the law office of the Albuquerque Criminal Attorney, we will fight aggressively for the least amount of punishment possible and ensure that you, our client, will be treated fairly according to the law.  Contact our firm immediately for a free initial consultation today.