Albuquerque Sex Crime Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of a sex crime in the Albuquerque area, it is very important that you contact our office immediately to discuss your case with the Albuquerque Criminal Attorney. 

A sex crime offense is as any crime involving sexual misconduct.  A sex crime could be:

It is always devastating and embarrassing to be accused of having committed a sex crime. Not only do you have to deal with the legal ramifications of being accused of a crime, but the social stigma of being deviant as well.

Here at the law office of the Albuquerque Criminal Attorney, we work as quickly as possible to minimize the public fall out of your case.  Especially in the cases of felony sex crimes, we will work aggressively with State’s prosecutor to potentially reduce your charges or get your case dismissed all together.

Sex crimes can be charged as either misdemeanors or felony cases, depending on the details of the case. Violent sex crimes or those that involve children may result in felony charges and prison time if a conviction is reached.

The Albuquerque Criminal Attorney protects the rights of every client.  Even if you have been arrested for a sex crime, you still have rights.

Contact us here at the law office of the Albuquerque Criminal Attorney for an immediate consultation.