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Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney in Albuquerque

When juveniles commit crimes, they are typically prosecuted in the juvenile criminal court system. However, there are some exceptions in juvenile criminal cases where the accused can be charged as a “serious youthful offender” and be tried in the adult court system. All other cases of juvenile misdemeanor and felony criminal cases will be handled in the juvenile court system.

If the child does not retain an Albuquerque criminal defense attorney, a public defender will be appointed to their case. In the event that the child’s family does not qualify for the assistance of a public defender, the parents will be charged for the public defender’s services.

Juvenile courts are concerned with not just punishing the child for his or her actions, but also helping with rehabilitation for juvenile offenders. Albuquerque courts have taken the position that that children should be given options for rehabilitation.

Most juvenile offenders will be given the options of choosing probation, treatment and/or counseling in lieu of jail time.

Our Criminal Lawyer is Very Knowledgeable

It is important for juvenile offenders and their parents to educate themselves about all of the resources available through the juvenile court system. These resources often dictate the outcome of the case, particularly in the area of sentencing. An Albuquerque criminal defense attorney will have the knowledge necessary to ensure that a juvenile offender is given every available sentencing option apart from jail time.

If your child has been charged with a juvenile criminal offense, it is very important to at least consult with an Albuquerque juvenile crime defense attorney with the juvenile court system. Contact our office today to discuss your case.