Albuquerque Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

Many people make a critical mistake when charged with a misdemeanor crime in Albuquerque: They underestimate the penalty and long-term consequences of a misdemeanor offense in Albuquerque and they fail to hire a Albuquerque misdemeanor defense attorney to protect their rights.

Our Albuquerque misdemeanor defense lawyers work with our clients to make sure they understand their rights throughout the legal process.

Contact an Albuquerque Criminal Attorney and learn what your legal options are.

Many misdemeanor charges in Albuquerque carry serious penalties, including up to a year in jail and probation. Failing to abide to the restrictions of court supervision, including probation, can have serious consequences.

A skillful attorney experienced in handling misdemeanor charges in Albuquerque can also make other legal moves to protect your rights early in a case.

Albuquerque misdemeanor charges include:

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime in Albuquerque contact our Albuquerque misdemeanor defense attorney to discuss your rights.